July 20-22, Beijing, China

Computational Aspects of Social and Information Networks

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Introduction to the CASIN workshop

With the blessing of information technology, we are living in an increasingly networked world. People, information and other entities are connected via World Wide Web, email networks, instant messaging networks, mobile communication networks, online social networks, etc. These online networks grow fast and possess huge amount of recorded information, which presents great opportunities in understanding the science of these networks, and in developing new applications from these networks and for these networks. However, new challenges have to be met — the networks are huge and information is noisy, and they demand new methodologies in analyzing these networks, and in developing theories and applications for the networks.

To meet with these challenges, researchers from a wide range of academic fields, including theory and algorithms, data mining and machine learning, computer systems and networks, statistical physics and complex systems, social psychology, economics and managerial science, etc. are all actively studying various aspects concerning social and information networks. However, there seem not enough opportunities for people from these diverse background to directly interact with one another. This workshop is intended to present such an opportunity and serve as a forum to bring together people from various fields to exchange their latest research results and to sparkle new ideas and directions in the study of networks.

The workshop focuses on the intersection of computations and networks. It will invite researchers from all over the world who study social and information networks and their computation issues to share their research and insights into questions such as:

  • What are the features of these networks?
  • Why do they exhibit such features?
  • How do networks form and evolve and can we model their formation and evolution?
  • What kinds of hidden information can we extract and how?
  • What kinds of activities and events can we predict from the network and how?
  • How does information flow in the network?
  • How can we do effective computations on such large networks?
  • Etc.

The workshop will also invite researchers and practitioners from industrial communities, in particular several top-tier companies in China (such as the largest social network: Tencent.com, the largest search engine: Baidu.com, and so on), to exchange their practical experiences and discuss the future trends in social and information networks.

The workshop also serves as a networking event connecting researchers from different geographic regions, such as America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, as well as connecting researchers in academia with practitioners in industry. We will also welcome researchers and students from the local region to participate in the workshop. We hope that the workshop will help the research advances in social and information networks in China and in the Asia Pacific region.


  • Jie Tang, Tsinghua University
  • Wei Chen, Microsoft Research Asia


  1. The 1st day: Wednesday July 20th, Microsoft ARD Headquarters, MPR Room
  2. The 2nd day: Thursday July 21st, Tsinghua University, FIT Building, Auditorium
  3. The 3rd day: Friday July 22nd, Tsinghua University, FIT Building, Auditorium

Workshop Dates

July 20 – 22, 2011, Right before SIGIR’2011 in Beijing (July 24 – 28)

Best Student Presentation Awards

  • * Yanhua Li (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA)
  • * Qingye Jiang (Peking University, CS department, China)
  • * Dongsheng Duan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
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